• Since 1958

    In 1958, the Swiss company TISCA TIARA, esteemed for its high-end textile production, innovate and develop the manufacturing of hand-made woven custom carpets and settled down in Moroges in Burgundy. 

    In the 70s, they developed and launched a new process: hand-tufted carpets. 

    Interior designers and architects - Andree Putman, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Pierre Paulin, Phillipe Starck and Peter Marino to name a few - have been visiting Moroges in order to realize their projects. 

    Carpets signed by great artists and designers such as Sonia & Robert Delaunay, Victor Vasarely, Zao Wou-Ki or Keith Haring have been produced in our workshops. 

    Today, the Manufacturer works closely with major designers worldwide to develop and create their own customized handmade rugs. 

  • Made entirely by hand in France

    For over half a century our carpets have been made entirely by hand in France, in the village of Moroges in the heart of Burgundy. 

    Located one and a half hours train ride from Paris by TGV, the company is a place of creation and carpet manufacturing dedicated to meet the demands of professionals. 

    Its philosophy guarantees our customers the confidence, comfort, flexibility and transparency essential for a close collaboration.

  • Hand tufted carpets

    The company has amassed expertise skills in the fabrication of hand tufted carpets allowing you to create individual classic or contemporary designs in all shapes, materials and colors. 

    Our skilled craftsmen will undertake any specific request such as complex drawings, technical finishes such as shaving, carving and depilation and will realize rug sizes of over 50m2 in one piece. 

    Our designers also have at their disposal an extraordinary stock of yarns: over 3000 colors of wool, silk, raffia, sisal, bamboo and linen, available for trials or immediate realization.

  • Hand woven carpets

    The looms of the Manufacturer provide the possibility of producing both velvet and flat weaves in diverse materials at the same time.

    Our workshops are equipped with looms of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 meters and thus enable the production of oversize broadloom carpets without seams.

    In addition to producing traditional weaves, our expert team will accompany the designer in the search of new weave constructions and materials (lurex, mohair, alpaca)

  • The team

    Our weaving craftsmen and tufting experts offer their unique know-how acquired at the company. 

    Our staff with more than 40 years of weaving expertise are perpetually training new weavers and tufters to preserve techniques that are rarely taught nowadays in order to maintain the company's esteemed history of craftsmanship and longstanding tradition of luxury.

    These people are guided by a team of shareholders, managers, and designers of high luxury products who bring their passion, their international experience and their knowledge to satisfy the demand of high quality products and service.